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The Black Sea Energy Research Centre is an association of energy experts prominent in the different fields of the energy science and practice. The Centre was created in 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria, as a non-profit organization, aimed to continue and build upon the achievements of the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre established in 1995 by an initiative of the European Commission and the countries of the Black Sea Region. In this sense, BSERC goes forward in the development of the co-operation between the Black Sea region countries and Bulgaria on the one side and the European Union on the other side, in the energy field, and puts an emphasis on research.




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What are the multiple impacts of just transitions? Insights from the recently released Impact Matrix Report


A new study by IEECP experts Marco Peretto, Diana Süsser, and intern Zografia Andreosatou for the JUSTEM project examines the multiple impacts of just transitions.

The move towards a ...

Final TRACER Project Events


It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Final TRACER Project Events:

Investors Workshop - 20 September 2022

Final Conference - 21 September 2 ...



The Black Sea Energy Research Centre (BSERC) has the pleasure to invite you to the:

DANUP-2-GA ...


Empowering Renewable and Citizen Energy Communities (POWER-E-COM)

The POWER-E-COM project aims to foster the cooperation between regional/local authorities and citizens to establish energy communtiry projects in six different European countries. By supporting th ...

Co-creating Tools and Services for Smart Readiness Indicator Uptake (SRI-ENACT)

SRI-ENACT provides a holistic solution to facilitate the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) uptake in Europe, by engaging stakeholders in the co-creation of national-tailored SRI implementations and ...

Justice in transition and empowerment against energy poverty (JUSTEM)

It's a critical time for energy transitions: on one side, "code red" lights up for net-zero targets; on the other side, some EU member states call for a smoother phase-out of coal to ...